Emmennar was established in 2005, with a drive to become as the premier integrated pharmaceuticals company in India. Its business focuses on Contract Manufacturing, Custom Synthesis, FTE Research, and the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals products and services to clients across the globe, and its product portfolio includes a range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Fine Intermediates, Finished Drug Formulations (FDFs) and CRAMS.

Emmennar Group was started in 2005 by the chairman and founder M Narayana Reddy. Our group’s chairman is also the Managing director in the Virchow group. We have a combined 25 years experience in selling of bulk drugs through the Virchow group. Highly qualified and experienced technocrats joined Emmennar in 2005 along with the founder.

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Today we are the world’s largest producers of Methylisothiocyanate (an intermediate of Ranitidine.HCl). We are selling over 1800 tons of MITC per annum and growing with the highest level of quality and service of any other competitor in the region. . None surpasses our leadership. Our 200 employees are dedicated to keep this high quality of service and speedy delivery of our Products; they take pride in their work and strive to stay the best now and forever. Our goal is to make Emmennar a leading bulk drug manufacturing company in India. New product development and supplying products to various companies meeting the industry’s requirement is our strength. Total Turnover of the company is 40 Million Dollars.



Our Vision is to have business presence all around the world


Renowed for wide range of quality API Products.
Adept at handling critical reactions.

Research & Development

Continual improvement in efficiency of process and effectiveness of QMS
Diversification into new products selected on the basis of business volume and long term stability.